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My Story

My origins, my background, my upbringing, and my life in general have all had an impact on my views on faith. My father is an Egyptian immigrant; my mother is a Polish immigrant. I was born and raised in Canada as a Muslim. As a result, from a young age, I was questioned and challenged on my way of life and my religion. This query allowed me to better acquaint myself with my own faith. My father always told me to understand why you do something; not to be a parrot or a monkey. It is not because someone says or does something, you must repeat or mimic. Therefore, I had to resource myself with the knowledge and tools to answer interrogations, critics, and attacks on my faith.

Later on, I pursued my education in science, biochemistry to be precise. I was always intrigued by how things, especially living creatures function. This only further cemented my convictions and beliefs. I then started working as a lab technician in a high school in my hometown; there, I found another reason to share this book at large… At a certain age, often at adolescence, one starts to ask him or herself existential questions: Why are we here? What happens when we die? How did we appear? Questions that practically every single person has asked at one point or another in one’s life. What I have noticed is that there is a void of faith (especially in western societies); an uncertainty that often leads to despair. Kids that have everything yet are empty inside; many acquaintances, but little friends. Adults with busy lives, but unfulfilled aspirations; beautiful houses, yet vacant homes. Some contemplate suicide, some go through with it.

So, I started writing all my discussions, experiences, and events that were linked to my faith and faith in general; the way I approached it and the way people approached me about it. So for anyone who has ever asked himself an existential question, I hope you come out with an answer; or, at least, aspire to one on your own.


the process of belief