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Some get their Morals from a Scumbag – Prophet Muhammad cartoons

by | Oct 18, 2020

It is hard to avoid what is going on in France today. A young Muslim Chechen beheaded a French teacher for presenting insulting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad cartoons) as freedom of speech. This led the president of the republic, Emmanuelle Macron to reiterate his devotion to free speech in regards to the caricature and his desire to remodel Islam as a religion altogether since, in his words, “L’Islam vit une crise” Islam is in crisis.

First off, Islam will never be in crisis, because it is the religion that Allah has deemed fit for his servants, from the first creation to the day of resurrection:

Certainly, Allah’s only Way is Islam…

Surat Ala Imran (3 – 19)

Now, as it goes for Muslims, they will be in crisis for most of their lives. The reason, people like Macron and his acolytes. They don’t want Muslims in their country, but they do everything in their power to support dictators and despots who suppress their own people. And when these people seek asylum in a “democracy”, they are quickly stigmatized for not being the right color of skin or not being mindless sheep and blending in with the same ideology. This might seem simplistic, but we will see exactly what I mean shortly.

As for Monsieur Macron, he is playing the offended virgin (while he has nothing innocent left in his body) while lecturing the whole Islamic world, from it’s heads of state to each single Muslim. So instead of listening to this hogwash, let’s visit this “upstanding” French leader. Let’s start with his youth.

When Macron was about 17, he fell head over heels for his teacher. Not a puppy love, or a teacher’s crush… No! The love we are talking about is one that seduced his teacher (or vice versa) which led to an extramarital relationship on the part of Mme Brigitte Auzière (formerly known), mother of three I might add. Now, one might say that this is a perfect scenario for a beautiful French love story. For all I care, if we replaced his beloved Brigitte with his favorite goat Biquette and replaced animal husbandry with the word “L-o-v-e”, we are still talking about two morally corrupt acts.

Okay, let’s forget about Macron’s past and see his moral stance on freedom of speech. For example, if I were to deny the Holocaust, which is crazy, I would not be seen as a lunatic and ignored, No! It would be seen as a criminal offense and I could be tried in a court of law under the Gayssot Act of 1990. Now, if I were just to mention that there were only (huge understatement) 1 000 000 Jews that were exterminated under the Nazi regime instead of the accepted 6 million, I would be relieved of my functions for questioning the scope of this tragedy. Now, if I were to draw a caricature of an equation where you had a group of Jews plus an oven with Auschwitz printed above, equals a bar of cheap soap… I would likely never see the light of day. These laws are in place to ensure the protection of denominations who faced injustice, they are tailored to guarantee the respect of a minority from the majority. That is why when someone insults a Jewish person, he is denounced as an anti-Semite, someone who insults a black man is called a racist, someone who denigrates women is a sexist… But when someone humiliates the Prophet Muhammad, he is crowned a national hero.

Some might say, what is the difference between insulting the Prophet Muhammad vs any other person, he was a man after all right! Yes, he was a man, but not any man. He was chosen by Allah to receive the last revelation on Earth, and that is a big difference. With that said, anyone (in this life) can disagree with what the Prophet said or not follow what he preached; but in no way can a Muslim accept the Prophet to be depicted in a humiliating manner. This is way more sacred to Muslims than the Holocaust is to Jews. Why? Let’s find out.

First off, let us see what the Prophet Muhammad was and what he accomplished. Imagine someone who is likable, honest, truthful, faithful, just, kind, generous, humble, courageous, patient, enduring, a leader, a communicator, a listener, a moral compass, a political strategist, a military general, an accomplished legislator, a loving father, a devoted husband, a faithful friend… and the list goes on. Plus, in any aspect of social, political, or private life; he was involved. You can’t have all those traits in one person you say!? Think again!

As for his accomplishments, he preached a religion, founded a state, united rivals, built a nation, instilled a moral code, initiated countless reforms, established a sustainable society that revolutionized the world through mindset and deeds for centuries and millennia to come.

Imagine, within a window of 23 years; from pagan tribal squabbles, moral bankruptcy, and irrelevancy; to national cohesion, the highest moral standard ever achieved by man and predominance in the world.

Transforming the weakest society in history, a region that was smack in the middle of the Roman and Persian Empires, yet were ignored by both, into a nation that overthrew these powers and enlightened the world for fourteen centuries.

All this was accomplished by one man who did not pretend to be anything other than a messenger from Allah whose responsibility was to convey and complete the message of Allah. This is the single only reason why he was possibly the most successful and important person in history in this life and the hereafter.

Still set on insulting him, let’s see this last argument. Samuel Paty was the French history teacher that was killed by beheading after presenting insulting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as freedom of speech. However, I don’t consider him as a teacher. Why? Because teachers do not spread hatred; when you sow hatred, you only harvest hatred, and that is exactly what happened. As for the prophet Muhammad, he is the ultimate teacher. One who instilled positive change in his lifetime and transcended time to our very day. He is the role model for every Muslim and should be for all of humanity; unlike M. Paty who hides behind free speech to denigrate an entire religion.

On the other hand, when Macron is told to examine his mental state by his Turkish counterpart; he is offended, considers it unacceptable, pouts, and recalls his ambassador. But insulting the Prophet Muhammad is to be taught as freedom of expression and to become an integral part of the education system in France. So if I get this straight, France has one of the harshest anti-defamation laws in the EU where losing a case against a public official can carry fines of over 50 000$, but insulting the Prophet Muhammad is the pinnacle of free speech. I mean how hypocritical can one be!!!

France accuses Muslims living in France of not integrating into the French way of life and that Muslims are diluting the fabric of French society. First off, what is asked of Muslims is not integration, but assimilation. And secondly, societies change over time, France was one of the most catholic countries in the world, the pope even hailed from there for a time. Now, it is a completely secular society, where no religion has its place. Actually, many laws in France target Muslims exclusively, the anti-hijab laws, French education of Imams… I mean c’mon!!! So if I get this straight, mon oncle Macron is going to teach Muslims about their religion. But then again, I don’t get my morals from a scumbag.

Do You Really Love the Prophet Muhammad?

Now, onto the moral high ground of France. France (and its leaders) are sermonizing the world (specifically the Muslim world) on ideals and morals. So without entering the moral substance of the recent French leaders such as Sarkozy (who was married to a whore), Hollande (who would secretly speed around town on his scooter to satisfy his needs), and Macron (we do not need to mention more), we will visit the moral substance of the French republic in a historical context.

First off, stating that terrorism is a “fact” among Muslims as a generalization is a lie. However, if we characterize France as a state that sponsored terrorism, genocide, and war crimes, we will swiftly be reminded that France is a “democracy”. As far as I know, what went on in Algeria for over a century was not very democratic. Mass killings of men, women, and children is not very democratic, repatriating thousands of skulls of rebels and safeguarding them in museums is not very democratic; I mean, even the Mongols didn’t do that, they would just make necklaces with the cut off ears of their enemies. Oh yeah! The French did that too. The burning of crops, trees, and lands of the inhabitants… do I need to go on because I could… Filling truck bins of people (still alive) and overturning them off a cliff to see if they could fly… I think the message got through. But one will be quick to point out that all that happened almost 100 years ago, things have changed since. Don’t be so sure, in 2006, the French parliament passed a law that will ensure the teaching in French schools the benefits of French colonization, underlining that it was a cultural colonization, not an invasion!?!?

Secondly, accusing leaders such as Erdogan of being a dictator and enticing sectarian war in Armenia is nothing more than throwing stones when you live in a glasshouse. As far as I know, the last presidential election in Turkey was won by 51 % of the vote with an 87% popular turnout. If that is being a dictator then democracy has changed definition overnight. By the way, France would not have a country at all if it was not for the Ottoman empire who liberated François I from the grasps of Charles Quint and limited his progression in Europe. As for genocides, ever heard of the Saint-Barthelemy massacre where over 30 000 Protestant Christians were slaughtered in Paris and its suburbs. But once again, this happened 450 years ago. Fair enough, but what about the involvement of French troops in the training and arming of the militias and forces of the Hutu lead massacres of the minority Tutsi’s for over four decades in Rwanda…

Still not convinced of the moral corruption and hypocrisy of the French republic. What measures have been taken to stop the genocide and mass internment and surveillance of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang region in China? Oh yeah. France actually denounced this at the UN. Hold on, isn’t the French government practically doing the same thing: shutting down almost 100 mosques since the start of the year, shutting down Arabic language schools, monitoring French Muslim citizens, limiting religious liberties. But this is under the argument to stop the spread of domestic terrorism; that is exactly the same argument used by Chinese officials towards the Uighur.

What drives these Islamophobes crazy is that with all these barriers to stop Islam and Muslims, more and more people become Muslim every day. For instance, the case of Sophie Petronin (or how Macron learned to call her: Maryam). It was fun to see his face change after he was ready to give a patriotic speech on the return of a French citizen after being captured by terrorist Muslims in Mali… that was not to happen when she told him that her name was Maryam and she converted to Islam. Now all the naysayers want to turn this into a brainwash or Stockholm syndrome or the stress of being captive… The woman is 75 years old, as the French would say “elle a vu des vertes et des pas mûres” and you are talking about brainwash. In general (besides telemarketing scams) it is very hard to pull a fast one over an elderly person, they are pretty good judges of character.

The Boycott is still on!!!

Unfortunately, we do not see these stories in mainstream media. Most often than not, there is agenda-setting that suits governments. Plus, the notion of grievability takes over; the “fact” that some lives are worth more than others. Just like the most recent headline: A Young Muslim Chechen Brutally Beheads A French History Teacher Over Freedom of Speech. Just reading this gives you shivers down your spine. However, a few days after, two Muslim women were stabbed multiple times by two assailants with a dog trying to tear off their Hijab. And this happened at the Eiffel tower, the most recognized landmark in Europe. At this time, one of the assailants is out on bail while the other one remains in protective custody. Unfortunately, it is only a sidenote in the French media circus, and it is only through social media one gets wind of this, and once an uproar is caused, the media picks it up reluctantly. Could you imagine if the assailants were Muslim.??? I could just imagine the headlines: Terrorists Attack Innocent French Citizens at La Tour Eiffel. This is where empathic intelligence comes into play (unfortunately, some people lack just basic intelligence, like Macron, not to name names); when you put yourself in someone else’s place. If I were to say that Buddhist temples were shut down or little Christian girls would be banned from wearing the cute little cross necklace that their grandmother gave them, or that someone was fired or refused schooling based on religion and this happened in a predominantly Muslim country… My God, World War III would be declared!!! This is the case of double standards, if a French person carries out an attack, that person is seen as the exception and not the rule; however, if a Muslim carries out an attack, the entire Muslim community is painted with the same brush. Propaganda is not something exclusive to Hitler’s regime, it is used day in and day out by all governments, but they don’t like to hear the “P” word being used.

So as the national French motto goes: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité; they should flush it down the toilet to join the Paris sewer system because it is a load of bullsh**. It should be replaced with: Athéisme, Hégémonie, Nationalisme. Let’s face it, there are no religious freedoms, no equality for Muslim minorities and your view is incorrect if it does not coincide with the dominant ideology. So instead of chanting: Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie), or Je suis Paty (I am Paty); I would rather proclaim that Je suis Muhammad (I follow Muhammad).

A Muslim in France

Probability, you won’t Get the Best of Me! – Scientific Proofs in the Quran

Probability, you won’t Get the Best of Me! – Scientific Proofs in the Quran

If anyone is a betting man, he knows that most of the time he will lose; it is a question of numbers. Winning every time is improbable and practically impossible. When flipping a coin, you have one chance out of two of getting it right. 50%, not bad; but repeat it four times straight; not too confident, are you?

Let’s transpose that example to the prophet Muhammad; he got every single verifiable (with our limited knowledge to date) phenomenon right. Not only he got them right, but most of them are also explained; not just enunciated or left for interpretation. Let’s say there are about 20 scientific/natural phenomenon (Actually, more have been mentioned and others left out since a multitude of authors have done a better job than me explaining them. Plus, 20 seems like a pretty round number, and we don’t want to sound boastful either) that were elucidated 1400 years ago, by an illiterate Arab that had no aspirations to science whatsoever… When you do the math: ½ at the power 20 is ½ x ½ x½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½. That gives you the possibility of 1/1 048 576 of getting it right. That is less than one in a million probability; becoming less and less a betting man…Keep in mind, considering that the questioning is in a yes or no format; true or false to a given question (without formulating the solution and adding all the explanation that comes with it in the Quran and Hadith).

The thing is, it is not because the prophet Muhammad was an expert in astronomy, geology, chemistry, nuclear physics, biology, botany, entomology, oceanology, or even historical science that he got it right all the time. It is because the only thing he got right out of all of this is that he wholeheartedly believed in Allah. All these, verses, signs, scientific phenomenon were not explained or tackled by the prophet Muhammad; they were brought forth by Allah, the All-Knowing.

And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.

Surah Al-Anam (6 – 59)


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