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Faith the Process of Belief PDF


Like in every aspect of life, we are faced with crossroads on a daily basis. Even though most of these decisions might seem trivial, others weigh in heavy. But one question dominates over all others: What do I believe in?


What do I believe in? For some, this question might take a lifetime to answer, others might never find the answer they sought to find, and for others… This book raises awareness on this pivotal question and sheds light on the matter.

This book is basically a step by step inquisitive approach on existential questions. It is a user’s manual, a how to guide, a pathway to navigate through all the different beliefs and philosophies. It is full of anecdotes, science, religion, stories and logic. Although it is long, it is not lengthy. Basically, it gets straight to the point from page one and most chapters are a page long which keeps the reader captivated. It is intriguing as it is engaging; it is informative as it is entertaining; it is liberating as it is compelling.


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